Airborne and Special Operations Museum Foundation

Photo courtesy of Frank Maness, Jr.

For more than eighty years Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, Cumberland County and North Carolina have lived and worked in cooperation with one another. The Airborne & Special Operations Museum now stands as a symbol for many years of teamwork, sacrifice, and victory.

Mission Statement The Airborne & Special Operations Museum will provide a unique educational experience on United States history and basic core values through the preservation interpretation and recognition of U.S. Army airborne and special operations history, equipment, technology, legend, art and weaponry.

Sharing the Organization The Airborne & Special Operations Museum is part of the U.S. Army Museum System and functions in partnership with a non-profit foundation. The Foundation Board of Directors is composed of retired military, veteran military and civilian members from both the public and private sectors.

The Foundation staff is made up of an Executive Director, six primary staff and six part time employees. The Army staff consists of a Museum Director, a staff of four and the volunteer corps. The responsibilities of operating the museum facility and its programming are shared between everyone.

Sharing the Funding Both public and private funding has been vital to the opening of the $22.5 million museum. Fundraising by the Foundation began in 1992 with a generous grant awarded from Congress. In addition to the federal grant, the State of North Carolina, Cumberland County, and the City of Fayetteville have provided grants to the museum.

Contributions by private individuals and businesses allowed the museum to become a reality, and continue to provide the funds required to operate and improve the museum, and to offer educational programming. Veterans’ and military associations’ donations come not only from their pockets, but also from their hearts and closets in the form of rare, valuable and very personal artifacts. Our thanks are always with the thousands who have given their time, money and artifacts.

Sharing the Benefits Both the military and civilian communities are served by the Airborne & Special Operations Museum. The military community has a beautiful museum facility; the only one dedicated to all Army airborne and special operations units. It provides a place for educational programming and research as well as special functions. It helps airborne and special operations soldiers share their unique world with relatives and friends.

Area residents have a wonderful museum that focuses on a subject that has been a part of their lives for decades. Schools have a venue for teaching WWII history, North Carolina history and values education. Visitors from all parts of the country, from all walks of life, are able to experience the legend of the airborne and special operations.

Local and state governments realize that the impressive facility brings additional long-term economic benefits to the area. The project serves as an important part in Fayetteville’s continuing downtown revitalization.

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